Neon Lights

loquenew1LoQ’ue has just released two AMAZING hairstyles! Go and give them a try at the LoQ’ue Mainstore. Happy shopping ❤


Gia (left) is wearing:

HAIR > [LoQ’ue] Champagne
JACKET > [Rowne] Rowne.Minou Leather Jacket – Nude

Blair (right) is wearing:

HAIR[LoQ’ue] Liqueur
NECKLACE > [aisling] Lady of Highgarden Necklace (Black)
DRESS > [Peqe] Spoopy Chic Dress (Black) > get it at COLLABOR88 




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Hi ~

So, I have some exciting news. First, make sure to stop by The Gathering and get some amazing goodies from Peqe. You can get the sleeves and the jewelry there (except the halo, which is from random.Matter).

Second… I cannot share creds for the hair yet because it is brand new and will be sold at a new hair store, which is opening in a week or two. And you guys will be the first ones to know! < 3

Thank you all for your feedback and support. And thanks for visiting Blair Fair ~

HAIR > [ coming soon ]
HALO > [random.Matter] > Deucalion Halo
NECK > [Peqe] Metal Warped (Gold) > The Gathering
TOP > [Plastik] Malchia Corset (Sacred) > got it during 50L friday, it might still be there!
SKIRT > [Plastik] Tyrant Skirt (Pitch) > follow the same LM ^
SLEEVES > [Peqe] Gather Metal Sleeves (Black) > The Gathering
BRACELETS > [Peqe] Metal Cuffs (Gold) > The Gathering


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Tiabed1This yummy bed is from Tia; it is soo gorgeous (and has good animations). Here’s an LM for you guys: Tia Mainstore

Bed – [Tia] Ambassador Bed


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Didn’t feel like editing this much.
HAIR > [Blues.] Jolene > STORE LM
EYES > [Insufferable Dastard] City Lights (Mint)
TOP > [TheMeshProject] Velvet Geo Cropped Top


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I think I have too many shoes


So I was trying to choose shoes for a photo-shoot today, and I realized just how many pairs I have. And they are all so beautiful! So I decided to show you guys some of my favorites. Featuring Gizza, Fri.Day, and Apple May Designs:

1. [AMD] Simply Stiletto’s (Pink) > STORE LM
2. [fri.] Persephone Pumps (Ivy) > STORE LM
3. [Gizza] Eleanor T-Strap Heel (Red) > STORE LM
4. [Gizza] Eleanor T-Strap Heel (Mango) > STORE LM
5. [fri.] Zoe Heels (Dust) > STORE LM
6. [AMD] Pop-Rock Stiletto’s (White) > The Young Spirit Event LM
7. [AMD] Simply Stiletto’s (Black) > STORE LM

OH, and the cute little kitten (by Birdy(Foxes)) is from the Secret Affair.

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HAIR > [BooN]  YNO421
EYES > [Insufferable Dastard] City Lights (Mint)
CIRCLET > [random.Matter] Keelhauled Head Chain (Bronze)
PAULDRONS >[PFC] Raven Pauldrons
TOP > [Shi] TSADE Body Cuff (Nude)
NECKLACE> [random.Matter] Rhiannon Necklace (Brown/Silver)
BRACERS > [.aisling.] Fangarth Bracers (Gold)
BRACELETS > [.aisling.] Eunice Hands (Gold)
RING > [random.Matter] Ariadne Ring (Copper) > The Secret Affair
SKIRT > [Peqe] The Raven Skirt > STORE LM
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black bra

HAIR > [Blues]  Annie > STORE LM
FACE JEWELRY > [Keystone] Miradi’el (Onyx)
LINGERIE > [TheMeshProject] Striped Set (Black)
SHOES > [Fri.] Gloria Heels (Coal) > STORE LM



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HAIR > [LoQ’ue]  Vodka > STORE LM
EYES > [Random Matter] Descent Eyes (Fire)
HEADDRESS > [Birdy (Foxes)] Melancholy Thorned Rose (Silver)
PIERCINGS > [::Axix::] Akhan Piercings (Black)
PAULDRONS >[GizzA] Epaulets V2 (Black-Silver) > STORE LM
NECKLACE > [lassitude & ennui] Lethe Necklace (Black)
CHAIN TUNIC > [The Forge] Chain Tunic Normal (Red)
DRESS > [Peqe] Elven > STORE LM
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Featuring one of my favorite Gizza‘s creations and this gorgeous hair from LoQ’ue < 3 You can find LMs to both stores below!

HAIR > [LoQ’ue] Tequila > STORE LM
EYES > [Insufferable Dastard] City Lights (Mint)
HEADDRESS > [*LODE*] Hat – Pure (Black)
DRESS > [GizzA] Charlotte Outfit  – Dress > STORE LM
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This new release from Peqe – a gorgeous shrug – inspired a genie outfit 🙂 Enjoy!
HAIR > [LeLutka] Jasmine (Sweeden)
EYES > [Buzz] Voodoo eyes (Rose)
HORNS > [.aisling.] Marangki (Pure White)
CIRCLET > [ Deviance] Erulisse Circlet / The Maiden
SHRUG > [Peqe] Bali Shrug (Beige) > STORE LM
BELLYBUTTON PIERCING > [~Soedara~] Light of Galadriel belly piercing
PANTS > [Caverna Obscura] Genie Sheer Harem Pants (Ivory)
THIGHS > [.aisling.] Tallulah Thighs (Gold)

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